This is basically my super command center of all my social networks (the ones I actually pay attention to), random thoughts, and every post I think has enough value to be shared. Also, I’ll try my best to arrange my posts as some well-organized categories, just don’t be surprised if I fail, sorry~.

There’ll be two other sections in Spanish and French. I know there are Google translator and other tools that give access to users that don’t speak English but there are some thoughts that come to me in those languages, and it feels like treason if I just try to translate them for the sake of a pure English blog. So, those sections more than for the sake of non-English speakers, are for the ease of my mind.

What’s inside the page?

Guide for dummies (as myself)…

On top of this page, there’s an icon of three horizontal lines which is the menu. On the menu you can find the next titles:

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This is the welcome page, so if you’re in some other part of the site and click WELCOME, it’ll just return you here.

The My blog link takes you to my posts, at least the ones in English.

On the About me section, you can read… about me. Just don’t expect me to write my whole life on a single page, it’s more about what inspires me and a general sketch of my context, so you know better how my mind works.

Lastly, this Tell me page is for comments, suggestions, questions and whatever you think is worthy enough to share.

Also, check at the bottom, there you can search for specific words, subjects and find the sections in other languages.


¿Quién podría olvidar escribir en español? Si puedo hacer uso de este idioma, sería un desperdicio ignorarlo.

Así que este bonito idioma también tendrá sus artículos que publicaré bajo esta etiqueta.


Coming soon…