Thinking: what should I write 

I have some books on my shelf waiting, wanting to be read. For some reason, that I like to call “no time”, I haven’t read them. Still, I think they must be a good inspiration, they could help me find a subject, a something to write about.

Right now I’m on my bed thinking: I have a blog now and I should write something, I should be finishing the pages stored in my head… But still, when I’m in front of this keyboard, with this big white screen ahead of me, the stored words just resist coming out into this no-contored form that so easily rambles through my mind.

But, some how here are two little paragraphs on top of this one; I guess even my lack of inspiration and decision, the lemons that break the continuous progressives skills of anyone, those can be useful too, till some extent. So… Make lemonade out of lemons! I’ll research, maybe by going out with my friends, or starting a new book (and making time to finish it), or looking for pictures and listening to music, each one of these actions will help a goofy, lost in her mind and timid girl to start writing. To decide what I should write.


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