About me

In advance, I should be warning you. This entry is longer than expected (at least if you consider that my first draft was about three lines long). So bear with me through my egocentric (not eccentric… well, maybe a little) self introduction. But also, before you start, you must only read this if I could serve as inspiration, or if you really don’t have anything better to do, or if you’re bored and this might be a casual reading that could welcome some good sleep, though you have the right to read it in any circumstance. With that said, let my narcissism begins!

For my name, please call me Lia (yes, the name on this site, maybe because it’s mine). My birthday is 12th October. I’m Christian since a while ago and I congregate in a Baptist church.

People often refer me to the cute, kind or the responsible girl in the room; nevertheless, my closest fellows know me to be very straightforward, forgetful and disperse. I’m aware that I have some cute and kind manners, but what always takes me by surprise is this title of “responsible and dependable” that people paint me on. As I said before, I’m forgetful and disperse, sometimes I feel like a cuckoolander. So the word responsible isn’t what I’d use to describe myself; and sometimes it feels honestly like a weight. Also, the dependable subject just feels like an act. And not because I have never the desire to help someone or that kindness is my kryptonite. It’s just not my inner force the one that gives me the strength to be that way, but my family education which shaped me into a well mannered young woman. In another matter, to be cute and straightforward doesn’t seem like a big contradiction, I still can tell someone is acting stupid and they’ll pat my head and say something like “I know, and you’re cute”.

About my likes, I can say that the thing I enjoy the most is a good story. I don’t even care about the format. If it’s a movie, a song, a manga, a book, or anything you can imagine, I’ll love it. Only the characters must feel real, or the storyline should amazing. I just can’t deny the joy a great story can bring to my life.