Let’s talk about writing 

Inspired by Haruki Murakami. Everyone who isn't illiterate can write; an obvious statement. But what really intrigues me is what makes a person write for a living. For example, Haruki Murakami a very dear writer, though I personally don't know him, his work is very intriguing and makes me enjoy it. Murakami has been asked … Continue reading Let’s talk about writing 


Thinking: what should I write 

I have some books on my shelf waiting, wanting to be read. For some reason, that I like to call "no time", I haven't read them. Still, I think they must be a good inspiration, they could help me find a subject, a something to write about. Right now I'm on my bed thinking: I … Continue reading Thinking: what should I write 

A “great opportunity” to waste

A great opportunity isn't always a one lifetime opportunity, so it's not a waste to let it go. That previous comment may sound a bit harsh, let me explain. What I'm trying to say is that great opportunities are available for the ones that seek for them and, though they seem awesome, they are repeatable … Continue reading A “great opportunity” to waste